Final Summary of Changes to the 2024 Leapfrog ASC Survey

Through participation in the Leapfrog ASC Survey, and by extension the public comment process, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) continue to demonstrate their commitment to transparency and empower employers and purchasers to find the highest-value care while giving consumers the lifesaving information they need to make informed decisions. Hospital and ASC Survey Results are publicly reported so stakeholders can compare hospital outpatient departments  (HOPDs) and ASCs side-by-side. Participating ASCs are also eligible for consideration for awards programs including the Leapfrog Top ASCs designation.

Since the inaugural launch of the Leapfrog Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Survey in 2019, Leapfrog has worked with ASCs, its Board of Directors, Regional Leaders, our national expert panel, the research faculty at Johns Hopkins Medicine, and purchaser members to develop Survey content. We also work with and rely upon our Ambulatory Surgery Center Advisory Committee, launched in March 2022, to advise on key issues related to ASC safety, quality, and efficiency.

Leapfrog’s scientific experts review the latest evidence and literature to refine the current measures included in the Survey and propose changes for each upcoming year. We then seek public comment on the proposed changes and use stakeholder feedback to finalize the Survey content.

We are grateful to those who take the time to submit comments each year. These comments bring enormous value to Leapfrog’s team and help ensure the Survey is valuable to ASCs, purchasers, and consumers. These comments, as well as results from the pilot test, are incorporated into the final ASC Survey and scoring algorithms. A final summary of changes and a summary of public comments and responses to public comments are included in the document below.

View the Summary of Changes to the 2024 Leapfrog ASC Survey (PDF)


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